V-SUN 275 Poly Module

V-SUN 275 Poly Module

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  • ID: V-SUN 275
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V-SUN 275W Highly Efficient Polycrystalline Module

V-Sun Poly high-performance modules are produced according to the latest standards and the most advanced technology. V-Sun also ensures a high level of product reliability and achieves a defect-free product through the use of fully automated production facilities with strict quality control standards.
Top features:

  • High conversion efficiency Output efficiency up to 16.94% with 0 ~ 3% positive power tolerance
  • Excellent irradiance and temperature stability for maximum yields
  • Anti-PID design meets IEC62804 tests through anti-PID cell and module technology and is suitable for extremely hot and humid environments.
  • Adaptability to harsh environments high resistance to harsh environmental factors and tested resistance to salt spray, ammonia, dust, and sand. Products can be used in environments such as the ocean, farm, and desert. 
  • Excellent mechanical durability. Strong mechanical durability of 5400 Pa snow load and 2400 Pa wind load