Solikombi Compact Hygiene Storage Tank- 500 L

Solikombi Compact Hygiene Storage Tank- 500 L

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Solikombi Compact Hygiene Storage Tank- 500 L  


The Solikombi is a hygienic storage tank with an integrated corrugated stainless steel pipe in which the domestic water is heated using the continuous flow principle. A second heat exchanger is still available for connecting additional heat sources such as a solar system.
The system can be used in almost all heating systems in a single-family home and has several advantages. In addition to the solar system, which requires a separate heat exchanger due to the antifreeze, it is also possible to connect wood-burning stoves directly to the buffer storage tank in order to use the generated heat for hot water or for heating.  


  • Hygienically perfect hot water
  • No legionella problems
  • Longer service life of the heat generator because the clock rate is reduced
  • Connect another heat generator
  • Hydraulic decoupling