SOLARWATT Complete System with Battery Storage - 4.8kWh

SOLARWATT Complete System with Battery Storage - 4.8kWh

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SOLARWATT Complete System with Battery Storage - 4.8kWh



Complete photovoltaic systems from SOLARTECH-UK for maximum efficiency at fair prices only from us.
The do-it-yourself system is supplied with all the necessary components and, depending on the location and orientation, generates around 2600 kWh per year.
Lower your electricity costs with self-generated solar power and become part of the energy transition.
The electricity generated by the PV system is fed into the house network via the inverter and can be used immediately.  

The complete system from the manufacturer Solarwatt consists of the following products

10x Vision 60M 315W PV modules

Product description

The innovative glass-glass generation • Super lightweight thanks to 2 mm thin glass • Highest yield reliability • 100% protection against PID • Higher fire safety • Monocrystalline high-performance solar cells durable • resilient • high-yield • innovative • safe • low-glare • ammonia-resistant • hail-resistant • salt spray-resistant

  • 60-cell 2x 2 mm glass-glass module, 1680 x 990 x 40 mm
  • Monocrystalline PERC solar cells, 315 Wp nominal power (100% plus sorting)
  • Silver frame, white cell background

 1x cable set 2x25m 4mm² 1x PV4-S + / 1x PV4-S-

  • Installation accessories cables
  • Cable set with PV4 S plugs, 4mm²
  • 2x 25m, black

 1x MyReserve Command 25

Product description

• 10 year product guarantee on MyReserve Command 25 • Intelligent charging with weather forecast • Integrated secure Internet connection • Emergency power capable as MyReserve Backup Power • Outdoor installation (IP54) with optional theft protection • Even more efficient (up to 1,000 V PV input voltage) • Even more flexible (up to 72 kWh usable energy content)

  • Battery converter for integration on the DC side
  • Connection of 1 to 5 MyReserve Pack battery modules
  • Peak power up to 4.5 kW

1x MyReserve Pack 24.3 (IP54)

Product description

Depth of discharge of the battery is 100% • Unique battery efficiency of 99.2% • Long service life> 15 years • Plug & Play installation with contact-protected and reverse polarity protected connector • One-man installation possible (only 25 kg) • Certified safety with multi-level safety concept • Integrated Battery management system with UIT supervisor • Individual cell monitoring • Dynamic Charge Estimator - dynamic adjustment of the charging current of the battery taking into account the current PV power and the household's own consumption • Maintenance-free • No memory effect • IP54

  • Lithium-ion battery module for integration in MyReserve
  • 2.4 kWh usable energy content
  • 384 mm x 200.5 mm x 277 mm (depth: 260 mm without attachment points)
  • IP54


1x AC sensor Flex

Product description

Current sensor with 1-phase and 3-phase direct measurement as well as transformer measurement • for easy mounting on the top-hat rail in the control cabinet • high measurement accuracy • EnergyManager ready • integrated CAN-BUS communication interface • fast data transmission and high measurement accuracy

  • Current sensor with 1-phase and 3-phase direct measurement as well as transformer measurement
  • Mounting on the top-hat rail in the control cabinet (4 TE)


1x Fronius Primo 3.0-1

Product description

SnapINverter technology for easy installation and maintenance / suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP 65) / standard communication package with WLAN, Ethernet LAN and other interfaces or as a light version without Fronius Datamanager / dynamic performance optimization & high efficiency / flexible system design thanks to 2 MPPT and wide MPP voltage range / up to 5 years guarantee (with online registration)

  • PV inverter 3.0 kW
  • 1-phase, transformerless
  • Integrated data logger


1x EnergyManager pro

Product description

The EnergyManager pro is the central interface for monitoring solar power generation. It controls electrical consumers, optimizing the household's own supply and saving electricity costs.
For this purpose, the EnergyManager pro is installed in the house fuse box and connected to the Internet. In this way, you can call up your energy management data from anywhere and control your energy.

  • Monitoring of the PV system
  • Flexible connection of devices
  • Highest data security
  • Easy installation on the top-hat rail
  • Dynamic feed-in management (saves the ripple control receiver or static curtailment in small PV systems, which means costs)
  • Free access to the browser-based, intuitive EnergyManager portal