SOLARTECH-UK EXCELL PVT Hybrid Collector 330/855W

SOLARTECH-UK EXCELL PVT Hybrid Collector 330/855W

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SOLARTECH-UK EXCELL PVT Hybrid Collector 330/855W


Solartech-UK presents the most powerful hybrid collector currently on the market. The EXCELL PVT impresses with its new design and the higher performance of its predecessor.

The Solartech-UK Excell is not a subsequently converted PV module where a thermal absorber (mostly plastic) was subsequently glued to the back, but 100% hybrid. The excel PVT hybrid collector was produced from the ground up as a hybrid.

Simple PV modules have a major disadvantage: on particularly sunny days when the photovoltaic system should actually be at its most efficient, the output drops as the temperature of the modules increases. This is where the Solartech-UK hybrid collectors come into play. SOLARTECH-UK EXCELL hybrid collectors consist of a monocrystalline cell and a copper absorber behind it. The copper absorber ensures optimal heat dissipation from the PV cells to the heat transfer medium. 
The thermal absorber has no optical power but only uses the waste heat from the cells.


  • 330W PV power
  • 855W thermal power
  • 30% more efficient than conventional PV modules
  • Electricity and heat from one collector