PV Solar System Complete Set -2480 Wp

PV Solar System Complete Set -2480 Wp

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PV Solar System Complete Set -2480 Wp



Complete photovoltaic systems from SOLARTECH-UK for maximum efficiency at fair prices only from us. The do-it-yourself system is supplied with all the necessary components and, depending on the location and orientation, generates around 2600 kWh per year. Lower your electricity costs with self-generated solar power and become part of the energy transition.
The electricity generated by the PV system is fed into the house network via the inverter and can be used immediately.  

The PV system is supplied with high-quality Akcome 310W HV PERC monocrystals, an efficient and extremely reliable inverter from Solis including a mounting system from novotegra and solar cables.

Akcome 310W PERC

high-efficiency module monocrystalline Akcome mono high-performance modules are produced according to the latest standards and the most advanced technology. Akcome also ensures high product reliability and a defect-free product through the use of fully automated manufacturing equipment with strict quality control standards. The PERC technology is based on the cell structure which differs from the usual cell structure. The architecture of the PERC cell essentially enables an improved light yield in the rear area of ​​the cell, which in turn increases the electron yield.

Top features Akcome PV module

  • High conversion efficiency Output efficiency up to 18.4% with 0 ~ 3% positive power tolerance
  • Excellent irradiance and temperature stability for maximum yields
  • Anti-PID design meets IEC62804 tests through anti-PID cell and module technology and is suitable for extremely hot and humid environments.
  • Adaptability to harsh environments high resistance to harsh environmental factors and tested resistance to salt spray, ammonia, dust, and sand. Products can be used in environments such as the ocean, farm, and desert.
  • Excellent mechanical durability. Strong mechanical durability of 5400 Pa snow load and 2400 Pa wind load


Solis-Mini 2500-4G

Single-phase series string inverter efficiency has improved dramatically. Solis-1P (2.5) kW-4G series are suitable for installing single-phase input PV system of various types, residential, commercial, and industrial, and adopt ultra-high switching frequency, ultra-thin single-four-layer Board design can significantly reduce the risk posed by the connector.

Top features

  • MINI series
  • Compact and light
  • Over 97.5% max. Efficiency
  • Precise MPPT algorithm
  • Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
  • High-Frequency Switching Technology - Smaller, Smarter
  • Integrated DRM, fully compliant with AS4777.2: 2015
  • 50V-500V input voltage range from - extremely low starting
  • Rs485, WiFi dongle included
  • WiFi monitoring available- iPhone and Android app available

Scope of Delivery 

  • 8x Akcome 310W PERC Mono
  • 1x Solis 2500 Mini
  • 1x on-roof mounting system for tiled roof
  • 3x cable extension 2m MC4
  • 1x cable extension 10m MC4
  • 1x cable extension 18m MC4