Bidirectional Hybrid Inverter GoodWe GW5048D-ES

Bidirectional Hybrid Inverter GoodWe GW5048D-ES

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Bidirectional Hybrid Inverter GoodWe GW5048D-ES


The bidirectional hybrid inverters of the ES series from GoodWe are suitable for both grid-connected and off-grid PV systems. It can intelligently control the flow of energy. During the day, the PV power plant generates electricity that is made available either to consumers, to feed into the grid, or to charge the battery. The stored energy can be released when the consumer needs it during the night. In addition, the power grid can also charge the storage devices via an inverter.

1: In off-grid mode, the battery capacity should be more than 100 Ah.

2: For South Africa, the maximum DC input range is 6kW to 6.5kW.

3: If no battery is connected, the inverter will only start feeding in when the string voltage is higher than 200 V.

4: 4600W for VDE 0126-1-1 & VDE-AR-N4105, 4950W for AS4777.2 (GW5048D-ES)

5: 21.7A for AS4777.2.

6: This can only be achieved if the power of the PV and the battery are high enough.

7: The default configuration is CAN.