Solar PV System with Micro Inverter 600W and WIFI

Solar PV System with Micro Inverter 600W and WIFI

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Solar PV System with Micro Inverter 600W and WIFI

With Solar PV System with Micro Inverter 600W and WIFI, you can easily build your own solar system to produce your own electricity. The modular inverter converts the solar power generated in accordance with the grid and feeds it directly into the house network. The inverter is installed immediately next to the PV module and is only responsible for the connected module. The system can be easily expanded.

The GTB600 inverter converts direct current into a "clean" alternating current that conforms to the grid, the legally required disconnection device according to VDE-AR-N 4105 is integrated into the inverter, this ensures that the system is automatically disconnected.

If a plug-in generating system with a maximum output of SAmax ≤ 600 VA per connection user system is connected via an existing special power socket (e.g. in accordance with VDE V 0628-1), this requires a "Registration of a plug-in generating system up to 600 VA" to be used.

The new regulation of the VDE-AR-N 4105 standard came into force on April 27, 2019. It allows consumers to register pluggable PV systems up to 600W (AC) with the network operator themselves, instead of having to go through an electrician as was previously the case.


Scope of Delivery 

  • 1x GTB600 module inverter
  • 2x Akcome 310W module
  • 2m cable AC