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Solar Energy 101: Introduction to Photovoltaic System

A short course in Solar PV technology to equip you with competences necessary to independently or with minimum supervision designated optimally select components for a solar PV system.

£119.99 Ex. VAT
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Solar Energy: Photovoltaic Systems Advance Level

This course has been carefully designed over a long period of time with enormous input from various power systems and renewable energy professionals to ensure that you will become a competent Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Technology expert by the end of the course.

£399.99 Ex. VAT
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Energy Innovation

This course is designed for learners that want to obtain all the skills and knowledge required to be a professional Energy Supervisor or Leader. The course will cover in-detail the essential technical theory and background as well as the managerial and commercial aspects of that role.

£779.99 Ex. VAT
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Health and Safety at Workplace

Health and Safety is vigorous in any workplace. With this CPD course, you will learn how to reduce risk to you and those around. Our course has all been created by experts in their field. This means you can get a fantastic knowledge of different areas of workplace health and safety all with full CPD accreditation.

£249.99 Ex. VAT
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Building Energy Efficiency - Introduction 101

This CPD course describes what it takes to build energy efficient buildings and provides builders with proof that these buildings are more robust, better, more comfortable, feasible to own, use higher end windows, renewable energies and sustainability.

£149.99 Ex. VAT
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Solar Energy Systems- Expert Level

The CPD course is intended for participants to learn about electricity and solar concepts, utility scale design, Sizing conductors, site visits, array sizing, and estimating power production Solar codes (NEC and IEC), introduction to installation, solar economics, and sales.

£849.99 Ex. VAT
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Introduction to Renewable Energies

Renewable energy (RE) technologies have broad application in the world, especially for rural areas in developing countries and areas that have less technology and infrastructure. In fact, bringing the remote places can uplift technology whilst avoiding cost and environmental damage.

£249.99 Ex. VAT
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